Meetups, Workshops & Events

Built around CryptoBates Groups network which has grown organically via their UK events. The Hub will host a variety of Workshops inc Onboarding, Lightning (In-depth, development and building with), Bitcoin For Kids, Bitcoin development, NFT development, Tax, POS Demos, Merchant adoption and more!

Lightning Bar (Offering Food & Drinks) - Powered by FastBitcoins

All of our Food & Drink menu will be available for purchase via Bitcoin with Lightning payments accepted via FastBitcoins POS & CoinCorner BoltCards & POS! We've even created a custom Lightning Drinks Menu - Fancy a "Negroni Nakamoto", "Brave Bull" or "Lighting Fast".

A bottle of Satoshi's Brew (500ml) costs:

Bitcoin Lightning Gaming

Yes you read it right, a Arcade, powered by the Lightning Network! Hosting an old school Arcade Claw Machine, Play to Earn games (From and a Retro arcade machine. Earn some Satoshis and spend it at our bar or HODL!

Hot Desking / Co-Working Space

We're building the Hub as a place to help Developers connect, projects grow and have some quiet time to code! Pay to Hot Desk OR Support us and get the space for free. Free Coffee (Or Tea) and super-fast Fibre (500mbps+) planned.

Merchant Adoption Framework

One of the biggest goals of the Hub is adoption, at every level, from the Consumer to Big businesses. Our ever developing merchant adoption framework is being built using IRL transaction data and scenarios. Our framework also supports businesses with Crypto Tax advice, hodling vs selling and an overview of our aims of building a Bitcoin circular economy.

XCP & ETH Focused Art Gallery

The wild world of Crypto Art will have its own wall space at the hub! We are showcasing both ETH crypto artwork and XCP artwork and have several 'Artist' events in the planning. We also have Artwork auctions planned and NFT giveaways.

Satoshi's Place - Online Store

OFFLINE: Due to Redesign: Our online store offers a range of Satoshi's Place merch along with merch from partners and 3rd parties. Currently only UK delivery.

Bazaar (MarketPlace)

Bitcoin doesn't just live in the digital world! Our Marketplace allows you to see in-real-life Bitcoin Merchandise from bitcoin socks, to Bitcoin Forks, Hardware Wallets, Books and more (As well as some of the Wacky bits & pieces from the Bitcoin World)

Ongoing Developments

In the planning:

Bitcoin Node 60%
60% Complete

Bitcoin Lightning Node 60%
60% Complete

Bitcoin Miner Hand-Dryer Installation 70%
70% Complete

Dedicated Bazaar 70%
70% Complete

Bitcoin Miner Setup for Demo purposes 60%
60% Complete

Lightning ATM (On hold due to FCA) 100%
100% Complete

Webcam NFT Minter (UPDATED: Stacks Based) 20%
20% Complete

Scarce.City Auctions 30%
30% Complete

Merchandise Giveaway Events 50%
50% Complete

Lightning Beer Machine 50%
50% Complete

Window BTC price ticker 80%
80% Complete

Sats QR Generator / Giveaway Device 100%
100% Complete

Guess The Combination Safe Install/Conversion 60%
60% Complete (Needs reconfiguring)

Hallway BTC price ticker 60%
60% Complete (Pi Zero Fried, purchasing a new one)

Satoshi Priced menu (Dedicated Screen) setup 100%
100% Complete

Retro gaming arcade (Lightning Powered) setup 60%
60% Complete (Needs updating to use WSS, very slow currently)

About Us and our plans

Having seen the growth of Bitcoin over the past 10 years CryptoBates Group think it is time to see a UK location which will help bring together the community on a more regular basis with the aim of helping onboard and educate interested folk and create a space for great minds to connect.

CryptoBates Groups network has expanded rapidly since their first UK event in 2016 and it'll be great to see our dedicated groups collaborating and supporting the new generations of Bitcoiners.

Would you like to learn more about Satoshis Place®? If so get in touch.

Are you interested in being a part of our development? We have a telegram group to discuss the next steps and ideas for the space. Get in touch to be sent the invite link.

Read on below to find out more about how Satoshi's Place® will operate:

Satoshi's Place Ltd (Company Number 14247826) has been setup to manage our Food & Drink business, with its goal to generate an income to ensure we can keep operating and pay the bills. Currently our founder is the sole director of Satoshi's Place Ltd and if Satoshi's Place Ltd does make a profit then 100% of Adam's profits will be donated to Satoshi's Place Charity to help it achieve its goals.

Satoshi's Place Charity will be driven with the goals of Showcasing, Creating, Educating & Supporting the world of Bitcoin in the UK and be formed as an Official Charity in the UK (Wish us luck!). More details will be added here once we have filed with the Charity commission.

NOTE: Satoshi's Place Ltd & Satoshi's Place Charity will be separate legal entities.

Satoshi's Place Labs will be focused on delivering workshops based around Bitcoin / Lightning electronics. From nodes to tickers, POS systems, Bitcoin switches (Covering the amazing work by Ben Arc) and more. Some of the workshops will be aimed towards Key stage 2 upwards, these will be co-hosted by the youngest of the Sastoshi's Place Crew (10 Years old).

Fund Raising

Initial fund raising will be focused around Satoshi's Place Ltd with the aim to raise the funds which will help us secure a Central Manchester based location with a 3-year plan in place. We are accepting both Bitcoin & Fiat donations for this:

For Fiat donations, We have chosen GoFundMe to set up the raise, Checkout our GoFundMe page here for more information: GoFundMe

For Bitcoin donations, we will be accepting donations to our address shown below in our Support Us section.

Lightning donations to this address: we will be accepting donations to our address (Shown as a QR code) shown below in our Support Us section.

NOTE: Even if our Raise isn't successful for Satoshi's Place Ltd this DOESN'T affect our plans for / with Satoshi's Place Charity

Once Satoshi's Place Charity has been approved by the Charity commission then more details will be added here on any proposed fund raise.

Before we made the desicion to start a Fund Raise with GoFundMe we were exploring Bitcoin focused Fund Raising platforms and setup a profile on the awesome Geyser platform! This awesome platform is built on Bitcoin and we love it! Our aim with Geyser was to hit some of our smaller milestones with a range of rewards for Contributors. For reference here is our Geyser.Fund page External Link .

Questions? Any questions, let us know!

Support Us

We highly value everyone's support. We greatly appreciate BTC donations, but if you'd like to donate your time by volunteering, hosting a workshop or running a small event please get in touch. These donation addresses are for Satoshi's Place Ltd donations.

Here is our Bitcoin donation address (Layer 1): bc1qghugydm54wxjkjnrrdm8qlhqhr8dhz7yvq22n2

Here is our Lightning donation address, used for our onboarding pool (Powered by LNBits):


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